Sunday, September 17, 2017

Integrate Heart Melty Eyes in BR 712

It seems that Shiseido is putting a lot of attention on Integrate this past two years. The brand just went on a full revamp last fall, completed with two new (three total) spoke models and a range of new products almost every season (meanwhile Majolica is getting the cold shoulder). I have picked up a powder foundation from the new range but I will wait a bit longer to review it (as it's terribly blotchy with the endless summer we have been getting). Today, here is an oldie but goodie.
Integrate Melty Heart Eyes had been around for 2 to 3 years. While these silver packaging looks incredibly cheap once scratched (and they almost get scratched right away) they are so darn fun to take pictures of.
The Melty Heart Eyes has two shallow pans of eye color, a cream base and powder. There is a lid for the powder so you won't get dust on the cream pan.
BR712 is a warm brown duo with orange beige on left and a golden brown on right. The left pan is creamy (not pokable but easy to grab kind of way), smooth and loads on ton of pigment. It's like a fresh pot of Maybelline Color Tattoo from back in the days (like in 2012 fall when they made some gorgeous neutrals).

 The brown is also very soft (can kick up some powder during application), smooth and easy to blend.  While the shimmer isn't flat, the duo works more like a western brand shadow.
Cream side, powder side and Powder over cream base.
Orange beige by itself. I was trying to catch last bit of natural light before sunset so I swiped on a huge patch on my lid. Should have blended the edges ad well.
I think it's giving enough definition and color
Layered on some brown. In real life the look was a bit heavy and not what I usually wear.
I still like the duo (not enough to want another one in the range) so I will see if I can play it down a little.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Canmake Stay on Balm Rouge

I always like Canmake for their amazing cream blush (good enough for the high markup) and this year, I finally bit the bullet and got a few of their tinted lip balm. Since the brand kept adding new colors into the extensive range, it must mean they are well-loved.
The Stay on Balm Rouge is a long stick balm with SPF (how much? Can't find out from the packaging or website) and vibrant colors.
The tube is cute and a but clunky.
I got a bunch to try out and they are all free of shimmer and quite different swatched on arm and worn on lips.

The lipsticks has a flat cut and somewhat hard (for a balm) texture so the glide isn't the most comfortable. Rest assured it doesn't drag like chalk either.
08 Juicy Peony is a slightly milky blue pink that turns a little mauve. The color makes me feel like a farm girl from northwestern China who got her first lipstick (after selling 20 lbs of handpicked mushrooms that might or might not be edible). It's not a flattering color on me, maybe because it enhances my farmer tan?
09 Masquerade Bud is a warm wine red that's less intimidating on. Yeah it sinks in line but it's still not bothersome from a distance.
11 Raspberry Rose and 10 Flowery Princess
Flowery Princess is a coral red
Raspberry Rose is a cool red
Two more shades I bought later. 
Smily Gerbera is a milky peach and Tiny Sweet Peach is a warm reddish coral

The warm peachy tone of Smiley Gerbera is orange enough but not harsh against skin, kind of reminds me how Revlon used to do orange shades.
Tiny Sweet Pea is a little more red/flush like. To me, all shades has very good semi-clear finish and medium (good enough to show) pigmentation, balmy finish that lasts well (for lip balm). 

Overall: I like most of the colors and think the marked up 8-9 dollars is tolerable (I wish I can get it at 590yens though), they are nice to have around the corners of my room and in my bag. Nothing irreplaceable.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Sept Japanese Magazine Freebies and Drugstore Sightings

First off, the sky from two weeks ago was quite pretty! Now to the magazine freebies since early September.
Mini with Vans totes, Seventeen has a burgundy bag
Nicola has a cosmetic bag, Elle Japan has Mason Kistune shopping bag
Glow has Snoopy shopping bag
Joker has a shopping bag, again
Otona no Oshare Techo has a pleather bag, Popteen has a cell phone holder
Steady has a toiletry and makeup bags
(Otona) Muse has a brown shoulder bag, Marisol has a starry shopping bag and small bag
Mooks -  Bathing Ape bag
Reebok and Vans gym bags
Moz and Aogoramo (? )
I like the Moz bag so I got it on a whim...The color should fit better with my outfits (either cool toned or overblown floral prints) but the soft fleece fabric look like it could be a dust central in a week.

While Jordana is being kicked out, a new brand showed up called CYO.  
Concealer, blush
Eyeshadow, lip gloss, eye crayon
Eyeshadow palette
Foundation. Many of the products are made in Italy or Germany and the price is quite cheap 5-6 for color makeup and 10 for foundation.
From Harmon- Incoco Nail sticker
Halloween lipsmacker
Nail Color
Lip Balm
Physicians formula jumped into the highlighter bandwagon and I am liking them!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Nars Eyeshadow Duo in Dolomites

Back in the beginning of last year, I got bored with the Japanese releases so I started looking back at my old flame from back in the days, Nars. Remember in 2009 ish, I loved rimming my whole eyes with their powder singles? Yeah, it gave me a bad case of bitchface but I was lovin' it.

 Everything was impeccable, their texture, color, wear time and pigmentation. What broke my heart was the fact that their packaging deteriorated into a sticky mess only after three years. I still don't know how to deal with their gummy compact (I don't touch eyeshadow pans that I depotted) so I try not think about their fate. For now, I present you a lovely rose taupe that you can't have.
Nars Dolomites was one of the two limited duo from Fall 2014. I found a string of glowing reviews while surfing weibo and promptly jumped on eBay to look for (and grabbed) it.
Back then I was into all sorts of rose gold/rose taupe and this fitted the bill. On the left there is this ultra pigmented and smooth rose, so intense that it's metallic and so smooth that it can be blended down into a clear veil. On the right there is a warm plum with complex shimmer. While the plum functions as a dry matte, it's also very easy to use it on top to warm up the rose.
As blend down the rose, it actually turned into a sultry purple taupe, love it! The warm plum is also much easier to work with than expected, as it works like a solid watercolor on skin.
On the eyes, Dolomites gives a glossy definition with zero fall out and not harsh edges. I am so glad that I got this on a whim and will try to give it lots of love before the great meltdown happens again.

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